What is this site and why is it needed.


This site is aimed at those who are looking at various advertisements for the FOREX market and are scratching their heads and thinking how is it possible to make a profit? As well as for those who have already poured their valuable money into this market and thinks that the FOREX market is a scam.


Is it all really so bad? As a person who has worked on both sides of the screen with the trading terminal, I'm in a position to know. Although even now I can say that my notions on the work of brokers on the other side of the screen is almost completely coincided with reality when I have appeared on the other side. Partly perhaps, and because of this I'm good on both of these sides Money Mouth


If you see yourself as an investor more interested in return on capital than in the intricacies of markets and wish to have an account with a licensed European broker (not some Mauritius offshore broker), which is controlled on your behalf by a certified manager with experience and confirmed past results, you should go to the special section for investors.


I do not say where and when market will go.

I just trade in profit. Silently.

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